The 2012 Australian National Titles held in Mt Gambier, South Australia saw Factory Team CycleCraft Australia riders take home a total of 6 national plates with the team debuting in Corsa Racewear’s cool Unleashed Series Racewear.

Women’s Junior Elite rider Maddie Janssen took home top honors with a National #1 plate on her pink CycleCraft. Maddie had no trouble in the moto’s resulting in two wins and a 2nd. Going into the final, Maddie lead from start to finish taking the National Title for 2012. Maddie also taking the win in Round 7 of the Probikx series on Thursday, while not competing in the series this year, she was the previous series winner for 2010-2011. This being Maddie’s last year in Junior Elite, she will leave the class on a high after these titles and we look forward to seeing her join the ranks of the elite class.

CycleCraft’s Elite Women’s rider Rachel Bracken had a tough few days of racing. Competing in the last round of the Probikx Series, Rachel set the fastest time in the time trial, after cruising through her moto’s she went into the final as the favorite. The final had Rachel and Nicole Callisto coming together in a heavy crash down the first straight, Rachel getting up to cross the line in 6th. Rachel’s National title campaign was right on track, again placing 1st and 2nd’s in her moto’s and going into the final, Rachel crossing the line in 5th place after getting boxed in down the first straight. Rachel showed she was back in form with her sights already on next years titles in Brisbane.

New South Wales team riders Kristina Hagberg and Michael Young also achieving great results for CycleCraft both riding in the 17-24 class on 20’ and Cruiser with Kristina making an appearance on the podium twice over the weekend. Racing in her combined 17+ women’s 20’ class saw Kristina cross the line 3rd place and in her Cruiser class taking home a well earned 2nd in the final. Michael Young’s 20’ class consisted of  56 riders, racing through his moto’s, quarters and semi’s at the pointy end he placed 6th in the final. Cruiser class on the Sunday, Michael scored 2nd’s all the way to the semi’s and scoring a well deserved 4A plate in the main.

Brock Smith CycleCraft Australia’s 15 boys team rider raced in the Champbikx’s series on the Thursday. Brock’s moto’s had him finish in the top 3. Racing in the final was tight, Brock was pushed wide into the first corner which delegated him down the pack finishing in 7th place. His National titles campaign hit off great in a large class of  43 riders, winning all his moto’s and moving into the quarters his run finished early when he place 5th in his semi.

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